under the dome season 2 episode 2 infestation 'Under the Dome' Season 2 episode 2: An 'infestation' invades the townOn the latest “Under the Dome” episode, the show just keeps getting further and further from the book and most and more ridiculous with each passing episode.

Look, I’m a big “Under the Dome” defender. I understand that unless it’s going to a miniseries that airs for a finite number of episodes, it’s not going to be the same as the book. And part of me was fine with that (though the other part was sad we aren’t simply getting a miniseries adaptation). But I was mostly fine with it because I was curious where the showrunners would take the series.

I lasted through rogue furniture trucks, random fight clubs and terribly dramatic events that seem to amazingly only effect the same eight people.

But Season 2 is off to a rough start, friends. Junior Rennie has been turned into some kind of sympathetic protagonist, when in the book he’s a psychopathic killer. Sure, by episode’s end he suspects himself, but he’s still sympathetic, not dangerous and hated. They seem to have forgotten that he imprisoned Angie in a bunker for a while.

Meanwhile, Joe wanders up to the crime scene and hilariously just intuits that Angie was murdered. The show really missed a nice emotional beat with not having Barbie tell Joe what happened and Joe react like a normal person, instead of going from zero to 60 in four seconds.

But no, instead he’s hell-bent on revenge with no discernible reason. I mean, Angie is his sister because she show tells us so, but it’s not like he’s show a huge attachment for her before now.

Another ridiculous happening this episode was that the monarch butterflies start going wonky and it’s all blamed on the Deus Ex Magnetism, with the butterflies’ hyperactive reproductive cycle affecting the town’s food supply. It can’t sustain them all, so fingers crossed they just start drawing names out of a hat to make the townsfolk hunt each other in the woods, a la “Hunger Games” meets “Most Dangerous Game.” My money would be on Norrie’s mom Carolyn, she seems scrappy and possibly ruthless.

This series showed a lot of promise when it seemed like it devolve into the “Lord of the Flies” situation from the book. But alas, instead we get to watch Barbie crop-dust the fields. Try to contain your excitement. Also, did you know Julia was a forensic pathologist?

There are only two mildly interesting things happening now. First is Big Jim is seeing himself as some kind of prophet, which is sort of intriguing on its own, but is definitely elevated by Dean Norris’ performance. I enjoyed his eulogy/sermon at Angie’s funeral, it actually goes more towards the Big Jim of the book.

The second interesting aspect is that Pauline Rennie drew a sketch of Melanie 20 years ago, but there’s only a mention made of it this episode. We want more of that, please. And more Sherry Stringfield.

What did you think of “Infestation”? Next week: Dwight Yoakam!

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