barbie melanie under the dome the red door 'Under the Dome': 'The Red Door' shows Barbie's connection to Melanie“Under the Dome” turned in another solid episode this week. Even with a few moments of ridiculousness here and there — let’s cuddle in the Bombshelter o’ Love! Rebecca, just make an egg-finder-thingamajig! — it still advanced things to an interesting place for the final push toward the finale

This week, Barbie reunites with Sam, Lyle and computer whiz Hunter and finally gets to meet the illustrious Mrs. Rennie, Pauline. They put their heads together and figure out where the red door is — Barbie remembers it from when he was little, it’s some kind of storm cellar on his father’s property. Only now it’s a tunnel with a giant frozen donkey wheel that leads back to Chester’s Mill via the lake.

When they all pass through said tunnel, everyone connected to the dome (sorry Hunter) sees a vision of some sort: Sam sees himself at Pauline’s funeral, with Junior telling him that Pauline always said Sam would save Junior some day; Pauline sees Melanie at the crater and is warned by Melanie that this is where it begins and this is where it will end; in the most interesting vision, Barbie remembers speaking with Melanie on his father’s property when he was a boy, her telling him that her mom wanted them to meet. Melanie also recognizes Don Barbara’s voice in the video he sends to Julia.

Melanie is Barbie’s half-sister, right? That’s where we all landed on that one?

Lyle doesn’t get a vision, that we know of. He’s nowhere to be found when everyone surfaces in the lake. Perhaps the trip back was too much for him and he’s toast. We do not yet know.

Meanwhile, Big Jim starts working with the military outside the dome to recover the egg for them, with the understanding that if he does so, he and Junior can leave the dome. But Junior realizes his father can’t be trusted (for the 47th time) and moves the egg to the Bombshelter o’ Love, where he and Melanie cuddle on the bed he kept Angie chained to like six days ago. No, that’s not weird at all.

What does all this mean? Well, with this show, it’s really anybody’s guess. But my current theory is that the egg was sent to earth by aliens nearly 30 years ago. I’m not sure for what purpose, hopefully that will be explained. But the dome was erected to protect the egg from Aktaion Energy, who wants to use the energy source, thereby destroying it. That’s … all I got for now.

What did you think of “The Red Door”?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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