under the dome going home 'Under the Dome': Zenith's dome red trap door for 'Going Home'This week “Under the Dome” did what it does best — dug into the mythology instead of lollygagging around with some crisis of the week. It’s fun to watch, but also annoying because of how great this show could be.


The abyss in the tunnel under the school (which Joe confirms is new, so presumably the dome created it) leads to Zenith, the town near Chester’s Mill that both Barbie and Melanie are from. This means Sam and Lyle are both alive and walking around for Barbie to find when he drops through the abyss and into his hometown.

Unfortunately, Barbie gets waylaid by his buddies who he was working on a heist with before the dome came down. They were going to infiltrate Aktaion Energy, but then Barbie just disappeared (into the dome, but the thugs don’t believe him). Barbie ends up running into his father, however, and

Meanwhile, Sam reunite with Pauline, who thought that by leaving Chester’s Mill, she’d take the inevitable dome with her and save her family, but it did not work. Apparently Chester’s Mill itself was the dome’s target, not Pauline.

She takes Sam to see Lyle, who … isn’t really “there” anymore. He just keeps saying Melanie’s name over and over again.

Chester’s Mill

Back in town, the other main characters are trying to figure out exactly what happened to Barbie and Sam. Junior refuses to believe that Sam killed his would-be girlfriend, but mostly everyone just wants to figure out what the heck is happening with the mysterious tunnel and abyss.

Everyone else assumes that Barbie is dead, so Big Jim puts on his solemn face and helps everyone mourn Barbie — and also get back on the Big Jim train. Convenient, that. But the Julia/Melanie/Junior camp has faith Barbie will find a way back.

That way? Is a little red door in the woods. Pauline for sure knows about it, but it would seem that Barbie’s father does not, since they walk right past it in the final frames of the episode.

Forget locusts, rivers and seas boiling, dogs and cats living together, whatever else happens on this show every week — this is the way to do it, “Under the Dome.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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