jolene purdy under the dome 'Under the Dome's' Jolene Purdy: 'There are some twists and turns and jumpy things'The Dome is descending on CBS Monday night (June 24), when Stephen King‘s novel “Under the Dome” comes to life for as a summer series. Jolene Purdy plays Dodee, who in the book is the daughter of selectman Andy Sanders — and who is killed off pretty early.

Thankfully, Dodee is not killed off in the series (so far), though Purdy tells Zap2it she was a bit worried when she started reading the book after being cast on the show.

“I started to read it, but they told us some things were going to change and I didn’t want to fall in love with it. … [but] I was on a plane and I was reading it and I got to [where Dodee dies] and I got off and called my manager and I’m like, ‘So, how long am I working on this? ‘Cause I die,'” laughs Purdy.

But in the series, instead of winding up in Junior Rennie’s pantry o’ love, Dodee works at the radio station with Phil Bushey — who is also a departure from his novel counterpart.

“Dodee and Phil are like brother and sister,” says Purdy. “We joke around and say I’m the brains of the radio station and he’s the face and the spirit of it. We rely on each other so much. My strengths are his weaknesses and my weaknesses are his strengths, so we’re just the perfectly matched team. There’s so much respect between the two of us to get everything at the radio station done. … They don’t necessarily have to communicate things so close, so even though they might not be seen together all the time, they’re in contact.”

However, Dodee and Phil are not confined to the radio station. Purdy teases for us that she does “venture out” of the station and interact with many of the other dome inhabitants.

“Dodee interacts with Julia, they do have a relationship. She works
with Barbie as well, and Big Jim and some of the others. Pretty much
everyone, at some point or another,” says Purdy. And she adds that working with Dean Norris as Big Jim is a treat.

“[Dean Norris] is awesome. I worked with him on ‘Breaking Bad’ and I was so
excited he was in this too. He’s such a giving, respectful, seasoned
actor. It’s awesome having scenes with him,” Purdy tells us.

Author King recently called the “Under the Dome” adaptation a “family fright,” which Purdy definitely agrees with.

“I remember watching ‘It’ as a kid … I don’t think that’s a family fright,” she laughs. “I was pretty messed up from that. I still don’t like clowns.”

“I think this is not as scary as that, like horrifyingly scary. But there are some twists and turns and jumpy things. I think it’s a little more tame. It’s not going to make you cry. It might make you think, but it’s not going to make you cry,” Purdy teases. Follow her on Twitter for more “Under the Dome” fun.

“Under the Dome” premieres Monday, June 24 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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