undercover boss afr wolf re 'Undercover Boss': Accidental Fecal ReleaseOn CBS’ “Undercover Boss” Sunday (Oct. 3), we get a twist on the scatological euphemism “dropping off the kids at the pool.”

Kimberly K. Schaefer is our first female “Undercover Boss” we’ve seen on the show, and she’ll be going incognito to the Great Wolf Lodge properties, a chain of indoor waterparks.

We thought peeing in the pool was bad enough, but Schaefer gets called on to take care of an AFR, “Accidental Fecal Release.” How can that guy say it with a straight face? Ugh.

Hearing her describe it is just too much. We’re also wondering about their policy of just picking it up and scrubbing the spot. There has to be a better way of cleaning it!

We wouldn’t be surprised if Schaefer were totally pooped by the end of this task.

[UPDATE: A previous version of the article mistyped AFR as AFT. Having a fat-fingered sort of day. Apologies to those whose were offended by the typo and could not get past it.]

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Photo credit: CBS

Posted by:Hanh Nguyen