poppy montgomery red carpet 325 gi 'Unforgettable' Season 2: New mom Poppy Montgomery finding her 'rhythms' again

Poppy Montgomery knows however her series return turns out, it will remain unforgettable for one reason.
The actress went back to work just a few weeks after giving birth to her second child … the reason being “Unforgettable,” her mystery series that CBS canceled after its first year despite decent ratings. The network then had a change of heart and ordered a Season 2 that starts Sunday, July 28, and infant daughter Violet is very close by Montgomery during filming.
“It’s been a wild ride,” the lively actress admits to Zap2it. “I started back in pre-production [on Season 1] with a 2-year-old. I’m not fully back in the game, as you’re not right after having a baby. You need a little time to sort of find your own rhythms again, but it’s good to come back to work.
“It snaps you out of the potential to fall into never leaving the house and just nursing, nursing, nursing. I had that more with Jackson [Montgomery’s son, now 5, from a previous relationship], but I went back to work on ‘Without a Trace’ right after he was born, so I don’t know that I’ve really experienced staying home [after childbirth].”

Montgomery did have some doubts about going back before the “Unforgettable” cameras so soon after Violet’s birth in April: “I went back in thinking, ‘I’m not in my prime, butt-kicking shape as I was in Season 1,’ but that’s OK. I think that makes for a softer, gentler approach to the character. And hopefully, people will still like her as much.”
Violet’s father is Microsoft executive Shawn Sanford. Montgomery brings her to the show’s New York set regularly, and the Australian-born performer allows that playing both new mom and Carrie Wells — the “Unforgettable” police detective who has the gift of a near-perfect memory — can make for very long days.
“The other day, we were picked up at 5:30 or 6 in the morning, and sometimes we get back at 9:30 or 10 at night. It’s a lot, but everyone is trying to do their best to make it easy on me, which is really nice.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin