rebecca black unplugged Unplugged: Rebecca Black goes acoustic to prove she's not Auto Tune reliantTo all the haters — you know who you are, the ones who dissed poor little viral princess Rebecca Black when her video single “Friday” hit the Internet last week — check this out.

Turns out Miss Black does not need Auto-Tune to carry a tune. And while we’re thinking she’d probably have been rejected as “not ready yet” by “Idol” judges (despite uncharacteristically kind words from former judge Simon Cowell), this acoustic version — which aired on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Friday (March 18) — of her surprise hit proves that she isn’t completely devoid of talent. (It does not, however, prove that the song’s lyrics are any less dumb than they sounded the first time around.)

Living room: conquered. Next up: mall tour!

P.S.: Is it just us, or does Rebecca look a little like a mini, well-nourished Angelina Jolie in this clip?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson