up all night season 2 changes 'Up All Night': NBC may finally be thinking about shutting it downNBC’s star-crossed attempt to rework “Up All Night” may be coming to an end.

After shutting down the show to retool it into a multi-camera, live-audience show, changing showrunners, seeing one of its stars leave and cutting the revamped show’s order from five episodes to one, NBC is reportedly considering shutting it down for good. Which is the conclusion most who follow the show’s saga came to weeks ago.

Both Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter say the network may stop work on the lone multi-camera episode, in which the show would be recast from a series about first-time parents to a look behind the scenes of a struggling TV series. That’s a potentially clever commentary on all that’s happened with the show, but it hardly screams “mass audience appeal.”

Christina Applegate left the show earlier this month, and her co-stars, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph, may be looking to move on as well. The reports note that CBS is courting Arnett for a comedy from “Raising Hope’s” Greg Garcia, while Rudolph — who’s pregnant with her fourth child — has had pilot-season offers as well.

One of Rudolph’s offers, Deadline reports, is for an NBC series, which is probably as good a sign as any that “Up All Night” is headed toward cancellation.

Posted by:Rick Porter