USA is having a busy 2014. In addition to renewing “White Collar” for Season 6, the cable network has picked up two new dramas, “Rush” from Jonathan Levine (“Warm Bodies”) and “Complications” from “Burn Notice” creator Matt Nix.

For those keeping count, this makes six returning series plus six new series on USA this year.

Although USA has not officially addressed rumors of a “White Collar” cancellation, the show’s shortened sixth season will consist of only six episodes. The potentially final episodes will pick up after the cliffhanger ending of Season 5.

The first of the new dramas is “Rush.” It stars Tom Ellis as Dr. William Rush. On-call for anyone, anytime, for any reason — as long as that person can pay a high, cash-only price — Dr. Rush is a hard-partying guy. He only considers changing his ways when an old flame and a pesky conscience come into the picture.

“Complications” stars Jason O’Mara as another doctor, John Ellis, who works in the ER and lives in the suburbs. When he intervenes in a drive-by shooting, however, he saves a young boy’s life and kills one of the attackers. The boy is still marked for death, so John finds himself compelled to save the kid — an action that changes both his life and his outlook on medicine.

Both new shows have 10-episode orders; there’s no word on premiere dates yet.

Posted by:Laurel Brown