fairly-legal-premiere.JPGThe largely male line-up of USA characters adds a female lead with “Fairly Legal” and Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi) on Jan. 20.

A former lawyer who gets sick of the legal system and becomes a mediator, Kate is pretty… chipper.

Her cutesy-ness even extends to her ring tones, which include different “Wizard of Oz” related photos and theme songs for the different people in her life. They’re all charmingly fitting until we see the one for her recently-deceased father. Buzz kill.

Still, it’s refreshing to get a legal dramedy coming from the mediator perspective. And a good-hearted heroine doesn’t hurt either. It’s like “Legally Blonde” — if it had starred a brunette.

But is it worth a spot on your DVR? Let us know what you thought of the premiere.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell