sirens-cast-usa.JPGUSA’s forthcoming series “Sirens” comes from “Rescue Me” creator Denis Leary, and fans of the latter will definitely recognize Leary’s sensibility in the new show.

But whereas “Rescue Me” was a drama with some funny parts, “Sirens” is the reverse — a comedy that Leary hopes will pack the occasional dramatic punch. The show, based on a British series, stars Michael Mosley, Kevin Daniels and Kevin Bigley as a crew of EMTs and Jessica McNamee as Mosley’s cop ex-girlfriend through their professional and complicated personal lives.

“These guys are dealing with life and death in the sense that the people they’re about to respond to are either going to live or die, quite often,” Leary said Saturday (Jan. 18) at the TCA winter press tour. “… I just think it brings out a lot of black humor and sort of a morbid approach — the worst could happen today.

“It’s an interesting place for comedy. It’s also an interesting place for drama, obviously. On this show, there are episodes or moments where we kind of do the reverse thing from ‘Rescue Me’ — ‘Rescue Me’ was a very heavy show that we occasionally stuck a knife in and made you laugh unexpectedly. Here, a couple times during the season, you’re going to be laughing your ass off and then have an emotional jolt.”

“Sirens,” USA’s first original comedy series in a long time, is set to premiere March 6. Take a look at a teaser:

Posted by:Rick Porter