morena baccarin scott wolf 'V' recap: Strange BedfellowsThe team speculates that the 538 worldwide Concordia sites aren’t just energy sources, but docking stations for a fleet of motherships more than 500 strong. Obviously, they’re not about to let that plan go ahead. Sid figures out a way to sabotage the new blue energy reactor going up in New York, so that humanity will freak out and rise up against it like we did with nuclear. What could go wrong? They’re doing it using a couple of blue energy balls stolen by Lisa. The problem with the plan — which they don’t know — is that weaponizing the blue energy could cause an explosion that wipes out everything in a hundred miles. Diana warns Lisa, and Lisa warns Ryan, but obviously Ryan has a little trouble convincing the team to trust him. At the last moment, Erica decides it’s not worth the risk and calls it off. And after Anna fixes the resulting blackout, blue energy is more popular than ever. At least, until Chad puts She-Chad up to blaming blue energy, live on the air. But that only gets her stupid ass fired, just as Anna wanted.

Anna’s other project is figuring out how to control human emotions. Since plan A isn’t working, she decides to try blissing humans. Even though it makes Anna cry tears of blood, it works on a test subject — and then on Tyler, who was just about to reconcile with Erica. Marcus, back at work but keeping his recent meeting with Diana a secret, seems satisfied that Anna’s solved the emotion problem, until he witnesses Amy melting his queen’s cold, green heart.

Joshua’s memory comes back at a crucial moment: just in time to save Lisa from getting busted while returning the blue energy she stole. So that’s two more allies for the Fifth Column — if we also count Diana, who gets to meet the team via hologram.

But they’ll have to move fast, because Anna’s egg is almost ready to hatch, and those 500-odd motherships? They’re here.

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