valerie harper sued brain cancer broadway gi Valerie Harper sued by Broadway producer over lack of brain cancer notification

Valerie Harper is being sued for having brain cancer.

“Looped” playwright Matthew Lombardo and his Broadway producers are suing the actress for failing to notify them that her cancer had returned in 2012. They want Harper to pay $2 million in lost revenue and punitive damages.

Harper had been set to appear in “Looped” but quickly developed problems in remembering lines and slurring words. When she visited a doctor — at the urging of the production — Harper found out she had terminal brain cancer. Shortly afterward, the actress was given just months to live. She soon pulled out of the show altogether and had to be replaced.

Harper’s treatment has since proved unexpectedly successful, with the actress recently reporting an extended and positive prognosis. She appeared on TV programs “Dancing with the Stars” and “Hot in Cleveland” after her diagnosis.

The new lawsuit claims that Harper intentionally withheld information about her cancer in an effort to keep her job. Lombardo’s suit also asks for $500,000 in lost revenue from delays caused by Harper, plus $1.5 million in damages meant to punish Harper (as reported by TMZ).

This lawsuit is in response to Harper’s own lawsuit that alleges “Looped” failed to pay her full contracted salary.

It doesn’t really matter who is in the right here though. No one is a winner when suing a cancer patient.

Posted by:Laurel Brown