tvd ty care matt triangle 'Vampire Diaries' E.P. Julie Plec: Is there hope for Tyler and Caroline? Plus, Matt's moment is comingIt’s no secret that we’re loving “The Vampire Diaries'” Season 2 werewolf journey, so when we found ourselves a little mad at Tyler (Michael Trevino) after some baffling behavior in last week’s episode, we turned to executive producer Julie Plec for a little guidance.

Plec assures us that while Tyler definitely screwed up when he hesitated to take Caroline’s side in the vampires vs. wolves showdown, he’s not all bad. “You have to remember that he’s also a victim,” she says. “For a guy not used to understanding his own emotions — between the way he was raised and the relationship with his dad and just being kind of a macho testosterone-driven dude — he’s confused. He’s kind of lost. It’s all part of his journey.”

Tyler and Caroline (Candice Accola) have gone from acquaintances who barely tolerated each other to one of our favorite “Vampire Diaries” love stories ever, but after Tyler’s wolf friends captured and tortured her in last week’s episode, it’s hard to imagine these two will have a happy Valentine’s Day.

“They have a long road ahead of them, for sure,” Plec tells us. “Caroline is someone who gives pretty powerfully with her heart and her trust, and she feels like her friendship was betrayed, but on the other hand, Tyler feels exactly the same way. Here’s a guy who isn’t used to caring about people and who isn’t used to people caring about him. So in a way, his betrayal hurts just as deep.”

All hope isn’t lost for these two crazy kids to make it work, but they’ll have to rebuild their wrecked friendship before there’s any more making out under the porch light. With Tyler as a werewolf and Caroline as a vampire, their natural instincts and the curses they’re both plagued with are working against their friendship. Let’s just say that things are going to get a lot more difficult before they get any easier.

“They both have been through – and are about to go through – some fairly traumatizing experiences,” Plec says. “The show is all about people coming to see the other side of the person in their life. To say they’ll never work it out would be tragically unfair. I absolutely think there’s hope.”

In the meantime, Tyler does have another full moon creeping up on him. “Homeboy does not want to have to transform,” Plec laughs. Once Tyler learns that the moonstone is the key to breaking the curse… along with a bloody sacrifice, of course, he’ll have some big choices to make.

“He’s definitely going to try to prevent the transformation from happening,” Plec says. “Tyler is about to make some decisions that aren’t going to be very popular. You’ll understand, but you’re not going to like it.”

Cue ominous music here.

While Tyler is off making unfortunate choices… Matt (Zach Roerig) is still at the Grill, wiping down counter tops and hovering in the background while Damon and Alaric plot their next adventures.

In case we haven’t made it abundantly clear, we’ve been jonesing for a good Matt story line… so we’re psyched to hear that Plec has some very good news for us.

“We’re about to dive deep into Matt-world,” she confirms.

Caroline may have to answer some questions… finally.

“Matt’s been kind of busing tables on the sidelines for a good portion of this season, trying to understand what’s going on in this non-relationship with this girl that he cares about but doesn’t understand,” Plec says. “We’re about to really heat that up and have him start asking a lot more questions. He’s really trying to get to the bottom of Caroline’s feelings for him and where he wants to them to be as a couple.”

Now that Tyler’s in the doghouse, Matt and Caroline may have another chance at a real relationship. “In the last episode before we go away for hiatus, there’s a really great Matt and Caroline moment that I think will make you very happy,” Plec says.

Of course, with “The Vampire Diaries,” things are never quite that easy. Keep an eye out for a powerful scene between Matt and Tyler in Thursday’s Feb. 10 episode, “Crying Wolf.” The stakes in this love triangle have definitely been raised.

Stay tuned to Zap2it for more from Plec on Damon’s demons, possible trouble on the way for Elena and Stefan, and some scoop on what’s up with Bonnie… coming your way soon.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie