tvd candice trevino 'Vampire Diaries': Michael Trevino and Candice Accola tease 'painful' werewolf transformationIf, like me, you stalk (er… follow) “The Vampire Diaries” stars on Twitter, you probably noticed when resident Mystic Falls werewolf-in-training Michael Trevino tweeted, “A Vampire transformation is NOTHING compared to a Werewolf transformation in Mystic Falls. Those suckers have it easy.”

Heh. “Suckers.”

When Trevino and co-star Candice Accola visited the Zap2it offices last week, I had to get the scoop – especially considering how Accola has been playing out Caroline’s vampire transformation this season.

“I felt a little fortunate, Vicki transformed so I got to use that as kind of a note sheet, of sorts, a cheat sheet,” Accola says. “I mean, I kind of had a certain map to go off of, which there really hadn’t been for a werewolf transformation.”

Luckily, Trevino didn’t have to go it alone. Tyler’s new friend, and possible love interest, sticks by him throughout the whole grueling ordeal. “It was very interesting. We shot it over 2 days. Candice was with me the whole time,” he says. But even with Caroline on hand, he certainly didn’t have an easy time of it.

When Mason (Taylor Kinney) transformed into a werewolf, we only got to see the before and after. We watched as he attempted to take sedatives and chain himself up, and we heard him scream in agony… but most of the transformation occurred after he’d climbed into his truck, out of sight. When Tyler transforms, we’re going to see the whole thing.

“You’re gonna get the whole enchilada,” Trevino confirms. “It’s not quick. It isn’t something that just happens; it’s ongoing, especially because it’s his first transformation.”

Of course, our new favorite monster duo didn’t want to give away all the secrets, but they told us as much as they could without spoiling their fun. “How can you explain it?” Trevino says. “It’s Tyler going through this crazy struggle. It’s like he’s being reborn, because you have Tyler and the journey that he went through before this transformation, before this curse, and he doesn’t want any part of it, but he has no choice — it’s just happening. He’s alone and by himself because Mason isn’t around, so it’s just this constant struggle, just eating at him.”

Accola is just as excited as we are to check out the final product. “Even reading it, the writers did such a great job on just pushing the boundaries of what you thought it could be,” she says. “They take risks in the kind of transformation and what happens and the lengths that things are going to. It’s crazy to watch and to read on the page. I’m really excited.”

In tonight’s Dec. 2 episode, Tyler and Caroline begin to make preparations for the first full moon since Tyler triggered his curse. In the Lockwood’s cellar, they’ll find evidence of werewolves past, and the restraints used by centuries of cursed Lockwoods… and they’ll make a terrifying discovery that will Tyler more terrified than ever.

The transformation itself sounds scary enough. “You’re going to see, it’s just a constant thing that he’s fighting as he’s going through it,” Trevino says. “It’s long and it’s painful.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie