tvd 'Vampire Diaries' recap: Someone Just Shot A Panda BearI started to write my usual type of recaplet, but so much happens in “All My Children,” that it was nearly a weecap by the time I was done. I’ve saved it as a weecap draft and am approaching this recaplet from a different angle.

“All My Children” is a beautiful testament to the love between the Salvatore brothers. Since the end of last season, we’ve watched Stefan lose everything, in order to save Damon’s life. Now, perhaps he shouldn’t have done so, but he did. Since the moment Stefan coerced Damon into transitioning, back in 1864, one thing has been clear: Stefan refuses to be the only immortal Salvatore. Sure, maybe he goes months, years or decades without enjoying his brother’s company (sometimes while he is in his brother’s company), but he will always choose Damon.

Meanwhile, The Vampire Diaries has been working to convince us that Damon will always choose Elena. And? I’m not saying he won’t, in his own Damony-way. But he too, will always choose Stefan. A literal flip of a coin freed Damon from having to be the bad guy and end the Bennett bloodline mojo Esther needed to destroy her unholy spawn, but Damon has been watching Stefan. While Stefan’s humanity switch might be, or may have been on the fritz, he has quietly eschewed human blood, since the night he took his not-caring act (and oh, what an act) too far, force fed Elena his blood, and used her as a pawn in his vengeance quest against Klaus.

Damon knows Stefan has enough guilt heaped upon his poofy-haired head, and that despite his (now disintegrating mask), Stefan has been having FEELINGS LIKE WHOA, all over the place. While Damon loves Elena, and knows Stefan is his most formidable rival for her affections, he wants to play it straight (or at least as straight as his crooked little heart will let him). Damon won’t give up on their girlfriend, but he won’t sacrifice his brother’s recovery — his redemption — in the battle for her love. That, right there, is why this love triangle works for me. Each of the three characters cares deeply for the other two.

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