charles michael davis 'Vampire Diaries' spin off 'The Originals' casts Charles Michael Davis as Klaus' protege Marcel“The Vampire Diaries” has made yet another addition to the cast for the April 25 episode, “The Originals,” which will serve as a back-door pilot for a potential spin-off series.

This time, executive producer Julie Plec has tapped Charles Michael Davis to play Marcel, a vampire who heads up the New Orleans supernatural community… in a reign-of-terror kind of way.

A former street rat, Marcel fell in with Klaus when Klaus was helping build New Orleans. Now, he’s king — and he makes sure that everyone knows it, especially the witches, who he’s kept stifled and oppressed for years.

When Klaus goes back to the French Quarter, his reunion with Marcel is a happy one… at least, at first. Let’s just say that the pair of them make for a dangerous combination.

It’s also safe to say that Marcel and Sophie, played by Daniella Pineda, won’t mix well. He may have charmed some of the other New Orleans witches, but Sophie isn’t the type to sit idly by while a tyrant meddles in witch business.

Davis, who is currently recurring on “Grey’s Anatomy,” is best known as Kwan from “The Game” and Liam on “Switched at Birth.” He’ll be a regular on “The Originals” if it goes to series.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie