candice accola lyme 'Vampire Diaries' star Candice Accola supports Lyme Disease Awareness: How you can help!The last time we visited “The Vampire Diaries” set in Atlanta, Candice Accola was in the process of of jump-starting her latest effort to encourage Lyme Disease Awareness. It’s a cause that’s close to her heart, as her friend Teri Raser fell victim to Lyme Disease several years ago.

In a PSA she filmed last year, Candice says, “One of my best friends has Lyme Disease. I’ve seen how she went from having the world at her feet to barely being able to stand on her own. She’s dealt with blackouts, seizures, blinding headaches, heat intolerance — for years now. Lyme has turned the vibrant young woman that I once knew into a helpless victim. What hurts the most is that no one ever saw it coming or realized how extreme Lyme could be.”

Candice turns 24 on May 13, and as May is Lyme Disease Awareness month, she’s decided to help support Lyme Disease Awareness in a fun way that will let her fans contribute, too. “I’ve got some things up my sleeve,” she told us. “We might be
releasing a special article of clothing, with all the profit [going]
straight to Turn the Corner.”

You can purchase the mumu — which Candice models above — here. Her specially-chosen tribal print (with hints of lime green!) sells for $80, with over 50% of proceeds supporting Turn the Corner, an organization dedicated to funding and spreading awareness for Lyme Disease research, education, and treatments.

If you prefer to make a more direct donation — perhaps in honor of Candice’s birthday — you can visit her Show Me Your Lyme Disease Awareness Crowdrise page. You can donate any amount, big or small, and if you don’t have the means to donate yourself, you can also help by spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook or launching your own fundraising effort.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie