vanna white then now gi Vanna White, then and now: Drinking with Pat Sajak did wonders for her skinVanna White is making headlines today after Pat Sajak revealed that they both used to do their “Wheel of Fortune” jobs drunk — after knocking back up to six margaritas during their two-hour lunch break!

Despite their boozy past, though, White and Sajak say they couldn’t go to work intoxicated now that they’re getting on in years… which prompted us to dig up some old photos of White to see just how much she’s changed.

Or, as the case may be, how much she’s stayed the same.

Though White never comments publicly on her looks, it’s rumored that she’s undergone a nose job and at least one face lift over the years — but we’re not judging. Even if she has had work done, she still looks fabulous given her age of 54.

Maybe margaritas have some secret fountain-of-youth qualities after all. (We’re going to tell ourselves that tonight at happy hour.)

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie