matt walsh into the storm wb 'Veep's' Matt Walsh used 'Into The Storm' as a chance to 'play with explosions and fire'

Chances are you know Matt Walsh best as “Veep’s” Mike McLintock. The actor has a long history in comedy, including being a founding member of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade sketch comedy troupe and a stretch on “The Daily Show.”
You won’t get much funny out of him in his latest movie, “Into The Storm,” though. Instead, he is stuck in the middle of the tornado-centered action. “For me it was the opportunity to do an action movie,” he tells Zap2it at the “Into the Storm” press junket. “To drive a kick-a** storm-chasing vehicle and run around and play with explosions and fire. I’m a young boy at heart, I guess.”
While his character, Pete, is in the middle of the tornadoes with the rest of the cast, he isn’t necessarily their friend. In fact, some of them flat-out hate him: “My character starts out as kind of an A-hole,” he says.

However, it’s because his personality is rooted in needing to be the first to discover everything there is to know about the weather phenomenon. That level of need is something Walsh can understand. “What I relate to in Pete is obsession. I have been obsessed with things in my life,” he says. “I have pursued things single-mindedly and other parts of my life have fallen apart, especially when I was a young man, be they alcohol or fame or whatever I was chasing.”

On the other hand, Walsh can’t really relate to love his character has tornadoes. “They’re cool if you know they’re two towns over,” he says. “But they’re scary as h*** if you know it’s coming your way.”

“Into the Storm” is in theaters Friday (Aug. 8).
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