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Jason Dohring, known by most as Logan Echolls on “Veronica Mars,” will guest-star in the upcoming CW show, “The Tomorrow People.” And, much like Logan, he will have a bit of a grudge to deal with.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

According to a report from EW.com, Dohring will appear in episode 4 of “The Tomorrow People.” His character is Killian McCrane, a man who once worked with main character John (Luke Mitchell), back when both were [SPOILER ALERT!!!] operatives at the Tomorrow People-hunting organization known as Ultra.

Apparently, Killian disappeared from the organization at some point in the past, but he has now resurfaced and is looking for revenge. The big question is: Does Killian want revenge against John or against Ultra?

The premise of “The Tomorrow People” pits a group of young adults who have evolved paranormal powers against the paramilitary “humanity first” group, Ultra. In a pleasantly ironic twist, Ultra actually uses some of the Tomorrow People in its efforts to root out and destroy the rest of them. When the show begins, John is the de facto leader of a small band of Tomorrow People working in opposition to Ultra — although his former connection to that organization is hinted early-on.

“The Tomorrow People” premieres on The CW on Oct. 9.

Posted by:Laurel Brown