jerry oconnell veronica mars movie gi 'Veronica Mars' movie: Jerry O'Connell comes to NeptuneThe rumors about Sheriff Lamb being in the “Veronica Mars” movie are in fact true. It’s just not the Sheriff Lamb we know from the series.

Series creator and movie director/co-writer Rob Thomas explains in his latest update to the film’s Kickstarter backers. And it involves, of all things, the movie “Piranha 3D.”

“A few years ago, Adam Scott invited me to the premiere of ‘Piranha,'” Thomas writes. “The performance in that movie that I couldn’t get over was Jerry O’Connell‘s take on an amoral, coked up and soon-to-be penis-less smut peddler. I just kept wanting to get back to scenes of Jerry chewing scenery.

“So… when it came time to cast the amoral older brother of Don Lamb as the new sheriff of Balboa County, I lit up when Jerry’s name was raised. I’m pleased to tell you that Jerry O’Connell has joined ‘Veronica Mars’ as Sheriff Dan Lamb, a new Lamb Brother I hope you love to hate.”

The first Sheriff Lamb (Michael Muhney) was killed during Season 3 of the series. Thomas teased the new sheriff earlier in the week with a photo of the character’s name on a trailer.

Posted by:Rick Porter