veronica mars movie plot 'Veronica Mars' movie Kickstarter crosses $5 million with two days to goThe Kickstarter campaign to fund the “Veronica Mars” movie reached its original $2 million goal in less than 12 hours, and now it has officially passed the $5 million mark with over two days still to go.

How high will the crowdfunded budget go?

Back when the Kickstarter was at a mere $4.5 million, “Veronica” creator Rob Thomas said: “Everything you’ve pledged beyond the initial $2 million gives us more options, and for that I’m eternally grateful. More backing means more locations, more sets, more actors, and most important of all, more shooting days.”

Since then, Thomas confirmed the “Veronica” team will make this trip to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and we can only assume that appearance will include stars Kristen Bell and Jason Dohringconfirmed to reprise his fan favorite role as Logan for the movie.

Thomas and Bell’s new Kickstarter goal isn’t actually a dollar amount. They hope to land the most backers of any Kickstarter campaign in history. The current record holder is Double Fine Adventure with 87,142 unique backers. “Veronica” still lags that tally by ten thousand — totaling 77,107 backers as of Wednesday (April 10) afternoon.

Nevertheless, $5 million is a Kickstarter record of its own and an undeniably impressive figure — even if it reignites the debate over whether or not this is money well spent.

Thomas took to Twitter to express his astonishment:

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