logan echolls veronica mars movie jason dohring 'Veronica Mars' movie officially adds Jason DohringBig news, “Veronica Mars” fans! The upcoming movie has officially added Jason Dohring, also known as everyone’s favorite bad boy, Logan Echolls.

The news came via the Kickstarter, which is still going strong at over $4.4 million — more than twice the original goal.

Rob Thomas writes, “Jason Dohring is officially on board for the ‘Veronica Mars’ movie. We now have three actors officially cast. Veronica. Logan and the waiter who says, ‘Your check, sir.'”

“Don’t worry. We’re busily working on bringing your favorites into the fold. As a Veronica Mars backer, you’ll be the first to know,” continues Thomas. “As a special treat, I tracked down these two photos of Logan from our original pilot makeup/wardrobe test. I believe that orange shirt is the first thing we ever see Logan wearing. It’s what he’s in when Veronica calls him an ‘obligatory psychotic jacka**.'”

Exciting stuff! The pictures are above — and we’ve accomplished the first step on the road to a Veronica-Logan (LoVe, if you will) reunion. Squee!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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