veronica mars movie car upn 'Veronica Mars' movie script complete: Plus, read the original (NSFW) pilot script!Good news, “Veronica Mars” fans! Creator Rob Thomas announced on Friday that he has officially finished the first draft script for the highly anticipated, fan-funded feature film. “There’s a lot of work left to do, but it’s a movie I can’t wait to make. I think it’s also the movie you’ve been waiting to see,” Thomas writes in an update to Kickstarter backers.

Of course, there’s one week left for fans to contribute to the movie’s budget — and Thomas is definitely hoping to boost the current $4.5 million above the $5 million mark.

“We’re at $4.5 million now. That’s a lot of money. But for a feature
length movie, it’s still a pretty conservative budget. Everything you’ve
pledged beyond the initial $2 million gives us more options, and for
that I’m eternally grateful. More backing means more locations, more
sets, more actors, and most important of all, more shooting days,” he says, noting that more money could also mean the difference between a 90-minute film and a 110-minute film. (A significant difference, particularly given Thomas’ confession that his first draft is already too long!)

If you’re still interested in contributing to the Kickstarter, check it out — even $1 will help.

And if you’re dying for a refresher course on “Veronica Mars,” the original pilot script is still available on Rob Thomas’s websiteclick here to download the .pdf file. But be warned — originally, Thomas developed “Veronica Mars” for a premium cable network, so the language and content of the script is a little saucier than in the version that actually debuted on UPN in 2004.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie