veronica mars season 3 reaction 'Veronica Mars' newbie reacts to the series finale cliffhanger: Season 3 can't just end like that

In anticipation of the “Veronica Mars” movie — which hits theaters March 14 — a “Veronica Mars” newbie began binge-watching the series from the beginning for the first time 10 years after it premiered on UPN. Check out her reaction to the game-changing Season 1 finale here and the emotional Season 2 finale here.

I have a bone to pick with all my friends and co-workers who told me to binge-watch “Veronica Mars.” “It’s so good!” they said. “You’ll love it!” they said. 

Everyone told me how amazing this series was, and yet … how come nobody warned me how angry I would get when the final seconds of the Season 3 finale ended? Why didn’t anyone tell me how abruptly it all just … stops? I literally thought there was another episode left, before I realized that I had already finished the entire series. And that’s when I yelled, “Noooo!” to my empty apartment at five in the morning (yes, I pulled an all-nighter to finish the series because I was hooked). 

It’s not like there was even a shocking cliffhanger, or a specific question that needed to be answered posed in the final moments. There was simply no closure, at all. Now I get why the fans were so gung-ho to fund the Kickstarter! If I had been a die-hard Marshmallow seven years ago, I would have been dying for closure, too.

I need to know if Veronica (Kristen Bell) really had destroyed her father’s chances to get re-elected as the sheriff of Neptune. She had all this blackmail information readily available to take down Jake Kane, but he still pressed charges against Keith? How is this going to affect Veronica’s relationship with her father? Watching Veronica walk out into the pouring rain all alone after casting a probably-insignificant vote for her dad was depressing, symbolic (rain in SoCal?), and just downright unsatisfying. How could this show have been canceled? Sorry for my anger being seven years late. I know you all went through this and have had time to grieve and get over it by now, but it’s so fresh for me.

And what about Veronica’s love life? Because hello, Piz. Oh, Stosh Piznarski. You incredible, adorable, perfect human being. How you oh-so-stealthily wiggled your way in between the show’s core couple in such a short amount of time is incredible. And what’s even more incredible? You recruited this die-hard Team Logan member onto Team Piz, without her even realizing it. 

That’s right, all you Piz-haters to the left, because I am an out and proud Team Piz member. I am not ashamed to admit that at five in the morning when I finished the series finale, I immediately ordered a Team Piz T-shirt that I will proudly wear to the theater when I see the “Veronica Mars” movie. I didn’t even realize it until halfway through Season 3 that I would be Team Piz until I die. He snuck up on me and LoVe never be the same.

Yes, Logan is hot, sexy, broody, has crazy chemistry with Veronica and clearly loves her with all his heart. But he is so toxic for her. He constantly hurts her without even realizing he’s doing it or trying to. Why should Veronica have to live with all that pain when she has this stable, nice, funny, adorable, caring, sweet guy who also clearly loves her? Piz and Veronica have their own kind of chemistry: Heartwarming, not heart wrenching. It’s the polar opposite of LoVe’s and that’s a good thing. Yes, emotionally devastating fights and intense make-ups are powerful, but they’re also exhausting. There’s only so much heartbreak one can take.

Plus, Logan and Veronica tried to have a relationship, twice, and both times, Logan screwed up royally. They tried in high school and then gave it the old college try, and it still didn’t work. He even started dating one of her few female friends at college! Come on. It was time to move on.

And Veronica did! She gave Piz a chance and she was happy. The only bump in the road for Veronica and Piz was when the Castle leaked a sex tape of them, but it wasn’t either of their faults. Of course, that didn’t stop Logan from beating the crap out of Piz (which only affirmed my love for Piz even more, despite how hot Logan’s anger on behalf of Veronica was). When Logan found out it was actually that jerk Gorya Sorokin who leaked the video, he beat the crap out of him, too. The look Logan and Veronica shared standing over Gorya’s bloody face was intense, and worried both me and Piz, who saw it too. 

Did seeing Logan defend her honor reignite the spark between them, or did it just serve as a happy reminder of her time spent with Logan? Would it lead her to end things with Piz and get back together with Logan, or would she stay with Piz? Would Piz even want to stay with Veronica after witnessing the look she shared with her ex? Aghh so many questions that will never be answered!

I know the movie will partially answer what happened between the love triangle since it’s 10 years down the road and they’re all in the movie. But it will gloss over what happened in the past decade, when what I want is a scene that takes place immediately after the cafeteria fight. Too bad I’ll never get it. 

Just like with my card-carrying membership to Team Piz, I’ve got another unpopular opinion to share: Season 3 was my favorite season. I loved how there wasn’t one big over-arching season-long mystery. The mini-mystery installments taking place over 3-6 episodes were easier to follow along, more realistic and more gripping. During Season 2, I had trouble remembering all the little details and didn’t like how all the separate mysteries didn’t connect until the finale. If I had watched Season 2 back when it aired, I would have needed Wikipedia to help keep up … except Wikipedia didn’t even exist back then (whoa). And while Season 1’s mystery was the most relevant to all the characters, it took too long to play out and once again didn’t make sense until the finale’s a-ha moment. 

When the mysteries had a smaller scope, it was easier to focus on the character-driven stories instead, which is what I cared about. That’s what “Veronica Mars” did best: Get viewers to care about all the characters, even … gasp, Dick Casablancas? How did that happen? Rob Thomas, you evil genius. Making one of the most disgusting, reprehensible characters sympathetic after two seasons of macho-man jerk ways? Brilliant. Sneaky. Impressive. Dick became a real person — understandably so, after his father was indicted for fraud, his step mom slept with his best friend and ran off with the Irish mob, and his younger brother mass-murdered his classmates and raped Veronica and committed suicide. Dick was all alone.

Of course, that didn’t stop Dick from being Dick, and he could always be counted on to deliver some hilarious one-liners. But at least by the end of Season 3 those one-liners were balanced out with moments of real emotion. Who knew Dick Casablancas would become likable?!?

Ugh, thank god there’s a movie coming out. You can find me in the audience on opening night, wearing my Team Piz shirt that I rush ordered …

“Veronica Mars” hits theaters March 14.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum