Warning: The above video and accompanying article contain mild spoilers.

Finally, the “Veronica Mars” movie is practically here. A year ago fans might not have believed such a thing would ever come to pass. This may be only the beginning for Veronica, though.
Creator Rob Thomas tells Zap2it that a sequel isn’t out of the question, depending on the success of the movie. “I will be there as long as Kristen Bell is there,” he says. “We have a blast doing it.” The fact that the cast and crew have fun working with each other make the process quite a bit easier.

The number of truly fun cameos, both from the “Veronica Mars” world and outside of it, certainly doesn’t hamper the good time everyone is having. One big name that pops up is none other than James Franco, who Thomas got in the movie with very little effort. “It was maybe the easiest thing we did in the movie,” he recalls. A producing partner he works with is married to someone who worked with Franco, so they had him in mind for a scene. 
“I sent him an email and the script and he emailed me back in five minutes and said, ‘Sounds fun. I’m in.'” Yes, it’s that easy to get James Franco in your movie. Those aren’t the only familiar faces you’ll see in the movie, as Thomas made sure to include some of those Veronica probably hasn’t seen since high school, if only because it’s fun to write for them. That little extra nod to the fans doesn’t hurt either, since there’s no movie without them.
“Veronica Mars” is in theaters March 14.
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