veronica mars spinoff dick casablancas ryan hansen upn 'Veronica Mars' spinoff: A Dick Casablancas web series with Ryan Hansen?

There is a possible “Veronica Mars” spinoff series coming online from The CW, and now series creator Rob Thomas has tweeted some details. If it’s a go, the series will feature actor Ryan Hansen and the character of Dick Casablancas.

But it’s not that simple. According to Thomas’ tweets, the show will be a comedy about Hansen trying to get a Dick Casablancas-centered spinoff on the air. That’s a fairly “meta” concept for a show, but it could definitely work in this case.

Thomas posted the limited information in two tweets on Wednesday (Jan. 20).

So that should be interesting, if a little unusual.

News of the spinoff potential was first announced by CW president Mark Pedowitz at the TCA press tour earlier on the same day. The web series would air on CW Seed, the network’s online-only venture.

“I have great faith in Rob that he’ll deliver something that’ll be fantastic,” Pedowitz said.

With the “Veronica Mars” movie set to premiere on March 14, this possibly fantastic series may have to wait awhile. Will it be worth it?

Posted by:Laurel Brown