veronica mars justin long drunken wingman cameo rob thomas gi 'Veronica Mars' spoiler: Justin Long's cameo role revealed by Rob Thomas

Fans following news of the upcoming “Veronica Mars” movie were treated to a big bit of news on Friday (June 28), when someone snapped a picture of Justin Long on the film’s set. This brought up the question: Who will Long play in the movie? On Monday, “Veronica Mars” producer and writer Rob Thomas gave fans the answer.

News of Long on the set came from E!Online. He reportedly filmed scenes with the movie’s star, Kristen Bell, and with Krysten Ritter (“Don’t Trust the B—“).

In response to the reports of Long on the “Veronica Mars” set, Thomas first warned those who had not yet been spoiled to stop reading. Then, he sent out the following to backers of the film:

“This week, those photos caught an actor on set while he was shooting an unannounced cameo. Please understand: if I had intended for the cameo to be revealed before the movie came out, you’d have heard it first. In this case, we wanted it to be a fun surprise.

If you’ve avoided the news, it still might be. For the rest of you, I apologize. There’s not much we can do to stop photographers when we’re shooting in public. However: since I didn’t get to tell you about the cameo first, here’s an exclusive detail that we didn’t share yet: the actor who appeared on set this week will appear in the movie in the role of Drunken Wingman.”

Thomas then proved this statement with a photo of Long’s trailer.

veronica mars justin long drunken wing man cameo rob thomas 'Veronica Mars' spoiler: Justin Long's cameo role revealed by Rob ThomasInterestingly, Thomas posted another photo of a trailer. This one, belonging to an unidentified actor on the film, bore the affectionate nickname, “Vapid Tool.”

veronica mars vapid tool rob thomas 'Veronica Mars' spoiler: Justin Long's cameo role revealed by Rob ThomasWho could that be? Share your theories in the comments section.

Posted by:Laurel Brown