team dick ryan hansen comic con gi 'Veronica Mars' Team Dick: Who needs Logan or Piz when Dick Casablancas is around?

The thing about “Veronica Mars” fans is that they’re so caught up in whether to side with Team Logan or Team Piz that they’re missing out on the clear winner: Team Dick. 
Dick Casablancas (Ryan Hansen) is the unsung hero of “Veronica Mars.” Sure, he’s mostly a creep and a jerk, but he’s a lovable creepy jerk. Just when things got a bit too heavy, Dick would show up to somehow make a fool of himself. Plus, he was the only real friend Logan had, after Duncan dumped him. Sure, he wasn’t necessarily good at it, but that doesn’t matter.
Then there were those rare times when you actually saw that Dick has an emotional side. Most of those occurred in Season 3, after his dad split and his brother killed himself. It was in those moments that you saw how broken he really was. For Dick, it was all about belonging somewhere; the 09er clique in high school, his frat in college, in his dad’s good graces at home and, in the end, as Logan’s best friend.

dick casablancas dance 'Veronica Mars' Team Dick: Who needs Logan or Piz when Dick Casablancas is around?

Enough of the sappy stuff, though. He was a killer surfer, terrible with the ladies and always thought he was a bit more clever than he actually was. There there were his unfortunate dance moves …

Say what you will about Logan or Piz, the person fans really want to catch up with in the “Veronica Mars” movie is Dick … because he’s the very best.
We aren’t the only ones to embrace the greatness that is Dick Casablancas. Hansen is on board, as well. Don’t believe that? Just take a look at his Kickstarter video, which is a true salute to the character.

You’re still not convinced that Dick Casablancas is the most important man in Veronica Mars’ life? Let these highlights show you the way.

“Veronica Mars” is in theaters March 14.

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