veronica mars movie jason dohring kristen bell 'Veronica Mars' Team Logan: Why Logan Echolls is the one for VeronicaThere are a lot of fun, fangirl reasons that Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) is the right match for Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) — one of the most epic first kisses in TV history, ridiculous on-screen chemistry, their ‘shipper name is LoVe, etc.

But there is so much to it than that. Logan and Veronica belong together, and with just over a week until the “Veronica Mars” movie premiere, here’s why LoVe will hopefully be rekindled in the feature film.

On the show, long before LoVe started connecting as characters, even when Logan was being a complete unprintable-word to Veronica, the two actors positively sizzled on screen. That’s the foundation for the pairing. Bell has more on-screen chemistry with Dohring than she has with Chris Lowell (Piz), Teddy Dunn (Duncan) and Max Greenfield (Leo) put together.

The relationship, however, was a lot more complicated than smoldering looks and hot make-out sessions. Logan and Veronica were two lost souls who saved each other, but they got together before Logan was ready.

Talk about a damaged character. Logan was an entitled, spoiled teenager who also had to deal with a mother with a drinking problem and a fairly absent father who would also take the strap to him when he acted out.

Then his mother commits suicide. That’s a lot to deal with for any kid, let alone one who has very few real friends and whose first love was murdered a year earlier.

kristen bell jason dohring veronica mars 'Veronica Mars' Team Logan: Why Logan Echolls is the one for VeronicaVeronica was his life-saver but also someone who challenged Logan to be a better man. He started to do so — until it came to light that his father was not only sleeping with his first love, but killed her as well.

Logan needed some serious help and never really got it. Veronica, as awesome and kick-butt as she is, is not a professional therapist, nor should she fulfill that role in Logan’s life. They tried to make it work, but Logan wasn’t in a place where he could be with her yet.

Veronica had her own issues, but by and large, she was a well-adjusted, mature teen/college girl. It would have been impossible for her to have a healthy relationship with Logan at that point in her life.

So Veronica chose the safe, comfortable, no-spark, easy relationships — she went back to Duncan her senior year, and she hooked up with Piz in college. That’s fine. Veronica needed those kinds of boyfriends in her life at that time. She needed safety and security.

Now, however, the movie is coming out and it’s 10 years later. Veronica is still with Piz — which, frankly, is kind of a stretch in my mind, but OK — but the movie’s mystery revolves around Logan, so the two are going to be thrust together.

I’m hoping that with some time, distance and hopefully some professional help, Logan has grown up into the caring, mature man that we saw glimpses of on the show. Now he’s the man Veronica needs and deserves, so fingers crossed it’s a LoVe-filled happy ending.

“Veronica Mars” opens nationwide on March 14.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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