vidal sassoon disinherits son Vidal Sassoon disinherits son in will: David Sassoon 'shall have nothing'

David Sassoon won’t be seeing any of his adopted father’s $150 million fortune. Famous hair stylist Vidal Sassoon disinherited his 41-year-old son in his will, which was drawn up two months before his May 2012 death.

“My son David Sassoon and his issue are hereby disinherited and shall take nothing under this will, and for the purposes of the will, shall be deemed to have predeceased me, leaving no surviving issue,” Sassoon wrote in his will, according to The Daily Mail. He also disinherited his former wives Elaine Nations, Beverly Sassoon and Jeanette Sassoon.

Vidal made no secret of his problems with David, who he adopted at age 3. He wrote about his troubled child in his 2010 autobiography, and reportedly could not make peace with David before his death. “There’s a certain point in my character where if I feel a situation is hopeless – walk away. Don’t torment yourself constantly. I walked away,” Vidal wrote.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz