They say you should dance like nobody is watching. Local Fox news anchor Tia Ewing took that sentiment to heart when she began dancing to the tune of “Single Ladies” by Beyonce during a commercial break on Sacramento’s FOX40 station.

She does it well. If watching it doesn’t make you happy, there may be something wrong with you.

The dancing incident occurred at about 4:30am on Friday (Dec. 7). As soon as a scheduled commercial break began, the news anchor entertained herself with an iPad and a dance. She just didn’t know that the cameras were still rolling.

Considering that the “Single Ladies” choreography (including a ring flash or two) closely resembles what audiences have seen for this song in the past, there is a good chance that this is not the first time Ewing has had a semi-private dance party.

The video consists of about 15 seconds of dancing, followed by a nighttime image of flags. The news anchor then returns for more dance fun at the 50-second mark.

Tia Ewing posted the video to YouTube herself with the caption, “Having a little fun on the morning show. I mean, it is 4:30am.”

She has a very fair point. And anything that cheerful and awesome is extremely appropriate in the dark hours of early morning.

Posted by:Laurel Brown