Giraffes aren’t always Mr. Nice Guys.

In fact, as narrator Forest Whitaker points out in “Africa,” the Discovery Channel’s upcoming natural history series, “Most of the time they’re gentle vegetarians, but to protect precious territory they will fight.”

Filmmakers miraculously captured a vicious battle between two of the giant creatures — described by Discovery as “the most violent giraffe fight ever filmed” — striking fierce blows with their 6 feet long, 500-pound necks.

The scene isn’t as distressing as most savage nature films, however. Rather, it evokes a classic spaghetti-western showdown, with a dusty setting and a score to match.

“A young gun sidles into town looking to stake his claim,” explains Whitaker. “The first blow should settle it. Not today.”

We’ll have to wait for the “Africa” premiere — Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 10 p.m. on the Discovery Channel — to find out who prevails.

Posted by:dmoorhouse