You'll hear something in the preview clip for NBC's new show "100 Questions" that you haven't on the network for the past couple seasons: A live studio audience.

After two seasons in which its comedies were all of the single-camera, no-laugh-track variety, the network will try to get back into the traditional sitcom market with "100 Questions." The show stars British actress Sophie Winkleman as Charlotte Payne, a woman who's searching for the right guy and winds up at a dating service that features a 100-question compatibility test.

Each question, of course, is not a simple yes-or-no answer for Sophie and leads to her recounting incidents from her life and those of her friends, played by Elizabeth Ho, Joy Suprano, series creator Christopher Moynihan, David Walton and Amir Talai. (And though he's not a regular, I'm pretty sure that's Travis Schuldt as Charlotte's would-be fiance. The Dudemeister can't seem to find the right TV girl, can he?)

Take a look:

First impressions of "100 Questions"?


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Posted by:Rick Porter