vikings comic con history 'Vikings' at Comic Con 2014: First Season 3 teaser debuts and death is coming

The cast of “Vikings” and creator Michael Hirst raided their way into San Diego Comic-Con and brought with them news about Season 3. Hirst was joined by Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Alexander Ludwig and History Channel executive Julian Hobbs.
The saddest moment of the panel came with Standen revealed that one of the show’s cast members will depart during Season 3. “‘We just lost one of our favorite people,” he says. Ludwig adds, “Someone’s going to die.” They wouldn’t say who, but admitted it was one of the toughest on the cast yet for them to say goodbye to. Place your bets now on who will meet their end.
Hirst also teased the big raid on Paris viewers will see. “Season 3 really marks a huge upgrading in the vikings endeavors,” he says. “This is the dawn of what will become known as the viking age.”
The first teaser for Season 3 was shown to the crowd. It was narrated by The Seer and painted a bleak picture of where things are headed as the ambitions of the vikings grows. There was a lot of footage of raiding, and looks at Floki, Rollo, Bjorn, Aslaug and Lagertha. Then there was Ragnar, who stood on a boat next to a severed head. He didn’t look like he wanted to play around. One of the final images in the clip was of a bloody Floki, picking up a crown. That could be an interesting sign of things to come. Perhaps he comes into a bit of power of his own?
Beyond all Season 3 teases, what was clear was the love the cast has for each other and the fans. Standen even game the room a standing ovation at one point. Team Lagertha was also well-represented with many in the crowd pointing out how great a female role model WInnick’s character is, which is something she is very proud of.
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