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Warning: This article contains spoilers for the “Vikings” Season 2 finale, “The Lord’s Prayer.” If you haven’t watched the episode, stop reading now.
Fans were taken on a roller coaster ride over the last few episodes of “Vikings,” culminating with the Season 2 finale reveal that Floki was, in fact, not working with King Horik to kill Ragnar.
It was all a plot between Floki and Ragnar to, instead, dispatch of King Horik. They played it out to perfection and Gustaf Skarsgard, who plays Floki, knows exactly why.
“Floki’s a method actor. He goes into it so deep,” Skarsgard tells Zap2it. “For him, it became reality. He didn’t tell anyone, not even Helga.” Whereas Floki has to immerse himself in evil, Skarsgard didn’t quite have to take things to far.
“I knew all along that Floki stayed loyal to Ragnar,” he reveals. “It was crucial for me to know that, because for me it doesn’t make sense otherwise. This is the only way it would have been.” While it’s true that loyalty is everything to the character, fans were definitely convinced that he was prepared to betray his best friend. “It’s definitely been a very fun journey to push that limit,” he adds.
In the end, if anyone thought Floki was going to maintain his loyalty, it wasn’t due to any actions toward Ragnar. Instead, it’s Bjorn that he seems to care most about.
“Ever since the first time we saw Floki in episode 1 and he met Bjorn for the first time and saw something in his eyes. He said, ‘You have your father’s eyes’,” Skarsgard remembers. “Ragnar is his best friend, but it would be easier for Floki to die for Bjorn. Bjorn is the future.”
As for what comes next for Floki, even Skarsgard isn’t sure. Now that he’s a dad and husband though, something will have to change. “I don’t know what’s in store for him in the next season in terms of fatherhood and married life,” he says. “He’s not your regular nine-to-five guy, you know?”
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