vikings 210 recap history 'Vikings' Season 2 finale recap: 'The Lord's Prayer' brings a bloody end

When Season 2 of “Vikings” began with King Horik and Jarl Borg at war, who knew it would end with them both dead? That didn’t seem to be the way things were going though, so let’s dig in to Thursday’s (May 1) season finale, “The Lord’s Prayer.”
Horik was convinced he had Ragnar’s own people prepared to turn against him. Even the audience was convinced, as Floki agreed to kill Bjorn and Siggy was tasked with dispatching his other sons. Horik even went so far as to give Siggy a special knife to use on the kids. His offer in exchange is to marry her, making her a queen once more.
While all of this is happening, something very interesting was going on with Ragnar. With Athelstan back, it’s causing a change in the viking warrior. Ragnar actually kneels with Athelstan to recite the Lord’s Prayer, something not quite normal for his people.
When Horik and his men attempt to siege the village and kill Ragnar, they seem to be succeeding at first. However, upon entering Ragnar’s home, it becomes clear that something is wrong. The hall is cleared, with only Ragnar waiting. He knew what was coming and it’s soon explained why.

Floki never intended to assist Horik in killing Ragnar or his family. He was working with the Earl the entire time, as was Siggy. It’s then that King Horik knows his fate is sealed and makes only one request: Let his son live. It’s ironic, considering Horik planned to kill all of Ragnar’s children.
In the end the son survives, as do the rest of Horik’s children … at first. Lagertha spares them, only for Bjorn to find a group of children slaughtered as the episode ends.

For the King, he took damage from everyone in Ragna’s crew, before the Earl finished the deed with the blade Horik gave to Siggy. It was a bloody end for Horik, but definitely one he deserved for his treachery. Now, Ragnar is more powerful than ever. 
The real hero of this story is Floki, though. Everything that happened in the episode hinged on who he aligned himself with. In the end, he chose his friend over Horik. What’s more, he chose Bjorn. Floki tells him in the episode that he will protect him, and he proved it. Though Ragnar is his best friend, Bjorn is practically a son.
With Floki now a father himself, those paternal instincts go a long way. What did you think of “The Lord’s Prayer?” Tweet us your thoughts.
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