vikings 204 recap 'Vikings' Season 2, episode 4 recap: Ragnar and Bjorn reunite in 'Eye for an Eye'

Now that Jarl Borg is in control of Ragnar’s homeland on “Vikings,” all bets are off. The viking warrior meets with Ecbert about a deal with would give his people land, while helping the King of Wessex in some violent goals he has, but before anything can be agreed on Ragnar is forced to return to his family in hiding.
King Horik stays in Wessex with many of them men, including Athelstan. While hunting for food, they are attacked with many losing their lives. Athelstan hands himself over to his attackers. After surrendering, they attempt to crucify him for being a monk who left his duties behind. However, it’s Ecbert who calls for his life to be spared. 
Obviously, the King of Wessex realizes the importance of a deal with Ragnar and his warriors. Crucifying one of them is no way to keep a good relationship with the vikings.
Upon returning home, Ragnar is greeted by Aslaug and his sons, including the newborn with the eye of a serpent. It’s a nice moment that is quickly ended when Rollo tells his brother that Jarl Borg has a price on his head and intends to kill Ragnar himself.
That makes for great timing, as Lagertha and Bjorn choose then to arrive, with an army of warriors to help. To do so, Lagertha has to put her abusive husband in place, which was a very important scene for her character. She asserted her dominance to both the husband and Bjorn, who was ready to fight on her behalf.
The episode closing with the family reunion was a happy note to end on, something that doesn’t happen a lot. Sure, the circumstances could be better, but father and son coming together once again was a nice moment.
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