vikings 205 recap history 'Vikings' Season 2, episode 5 recap: 'Answers in Blood' brings a family reunion

For a while, at least, it was one big happy family on the latest episode of “Vikings,” “Answers in Blood.” As the title says, there was also more than enough blood to go around. 
With Lagertha and Bjorn arriving to help Ragnar in the fight against Jarl Borg, it was finally time to jump into action. Bjorn and Ragnar went into town under the cloak, setting fire to Borg’s winter supplies. It’s a simple, but very effective plan. Knowing the chaos Ragnar is bringing him, Borg has no choice but to retaliate.
Unfortunately for Borg, the ensuing battle is far too much for him and his limited number of men to handle. After sustaining massive casualties, he calls his men into retreat, leaving the invaded town behind. That wasn’t without some close calls though, as Bjorn was nearly killed. His dad saves him, but also scolds him for it. Poor Bjorn gets no credit for the dozens of men he actually killed.
There’s more than just the obvious reason of survival that leads to Borg’s escape. Just before going into battle, he learns that his new bride is with child. Jarl Borg is going to be a dad and that kid is absolutely doomed.
Back in town, a sacrifice is to be made to the gods. Rollo goes to do the deed, but Ragnar pulls him back at the last minute, handing the ax to Bjorn to prove himself. He does as his father orders and the warriors go through with creepily smearing the slain man’s blood all over their faces. They seem to enjoy it, but it’s sort of disgusting.
Ragnar tells Lagertha he doesn’t want her or Bjorn to leave, even though it’s not necessarily something Aslaug is happy about. It’s also reported back to Ragnar that King Horik was attacked in Wessex, with most of the men being slaughtered. He doesn’t know what’s happened to Athelstan, though.
The former monk is being held captive by Christians who won’t kill him due to the orders of King Ecbert. However, he is tortured by visions of demons as his mental state diminishes. Even asking the Lord to come help him does nothing to help put him as ease, as he actually sees some kind of beast lashing out at him.
Finally, Lagertha reveals she is leaving to return to her husband. She gives Bjorn permission to stay behind and live with his father and half-brothers, who he instantly bonded with. Now Ragnar really has taken everything from his former wife. You can’t help but feel bad for her. She’s a fighter though, so chances are she’ll be back yet again. After all, Ragnar would have failed in defeating Jarl Borg without her.
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