vikings 208 recap history 'Vikings' Season 2, episode 8 recap: 'Boneless' leads to Wessex

Jarl Borg is dead, and now the raiding must begin on “Vikings.” Ragnar, Lagertha and King Horik are headed back to Wessex, but they all seem to have different goals.
In “Boneless,” quite a bit happened before the ships set sail for Wessex. First of all, Princess Aslaug gave birth yet again, this time to a crippled son who will never walk. Initially, Ragnar wanted to kill him, saving the child from a life of misery. He couldn’t bring himself to do it though, instead affectionately dubbing him The Boneless.
How big the time jump is between this episode and the last isn’t clear, but Bjorn’s relationship with the slave girl he was in love with has progressed to the point that he professed his feelings to Lagertha. The servant returned them before Bjorn left with his parents to war.
In King Ecbert’s part of the world, Princess Kwenthrith arrive and seemed to be there just to prove how oversexed she was. She immediately found interest in Athelstan, due to his Pagan leanings. However, when he didn’t seem interested in sharing the things he’d learned, she slept with Ecbert and several of his guards instead. Who knows why she’s actually there?
Upon the vikings arrival to Wessex, Ragnar sends a messenger to Ecbert in an effort to initiate a discussion. This doesn’t sit well with Lagertha and Horik, who don’t necessarily want to talk. They came to fight. Horik is also displease that Ragnar is making decisions without him, considering he is King and all.
When Ecbert sends his son to set up a meeting, along with word that Athelstan is indeed alive and well, it seems Ragnar’s tactics have worked. However, upon leaving the King’s son and the men with him fall into a trap and are attacked, leaving only the son alive.
Whether or not Ragnar was in the loop on this attack remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt Ecbert will meet force with force.
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