vikings 209 recap history 'Vikings' Season 2, episode 9: 'The Choice' is made, but is it what Ragnar wants?

Ragnar has found peace with King Ecbert of Wessex, but that doesn’t mean the troubles are over. In the latest episode of “Vikings,” the warriors went to battle with Ecbert’s men, suffering many losses.
It was believed that one of those lost in the fight, before the vikings retreated, was Rollo. To save his own life, as well as Bjorn’s, Ragnar was forced to leave his fallen brother behind. Of course, in a world like this viewers are conditioned to expect the worst. Seeing Rollo fall was one of the most shocking moments of the season.
Luckily, he wasn’t quite dead after all. That’s where Athelstan proved most useful. He recognized Rollo from a distance and made sure King Ecbert spared his life. At the end of the day, Ecbert still wanted to find a peaceful solution with Ragnar and the death of his brother would not help that.
With the vikings hurt, Ecbert sent Athelstan to reason with them. He offered King Aelle as a hostage while the two sides met. In the end, Lagertha and Ragnar both agreed to Ecbert’s deal, which includes money, land and jobs for those who want to work with Princess Kwenthrith. You remember her, right? The princess who wants to have sex with anyone and everyone?

King Horik isn’t as excited about the deal, though he keeps those thoughts to himself. In the end, Rollo is returned to the vikings unharmed and it looks like a peace will come. However, as the episode came to a close Horik approached Floki with a proposition.
We didn’t find out what his idea is just yet, but seeing as Floki has been distancing himself from Ragnar, chances are the two may hatch a plot to rid themselves of him once and for all.

In non-Wessex news, Porunn wants to become a shieldmaiden like Lagertha and is training herself to do just that. Aslaug sees that she wants to be more and releases her from the confines of slavery. With her freedom, she’s also a much more suitable mate for Bjorn, who returns home after being dubbed Bjorn Ironside by his father. Naturally, he’s very happy to see the woman he loves is no longer a servant. Those crazy kids might just make it after all.
A familiar face also comes home with Ragar, Bjorn and the warriors. Athelstan, torn between two gods, has returned to the viking brotherhood. It’s a nice homecoming, though Rollo being in such a dire state of health keeps spirits from flying high. Still, Ecbert doesn’t seem too thrilled about Athelstan leaving, so there’s probably more to come for that.
With only one episode left before Season 2 is complete, what did you think of “The Choice”?
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