kevin durand vikings season 3 spoilers gi 'Vikings' Season 3: Kevin Durand shares details about his character

Kevin Durand may be fighting rats and vampires on “The Strain,” but he’s headed to Kattegat in the next season of “Vikings.” It was announced in June that Durand would play a mysterious character called The Wanderer, and now he’s shedding just a bit of light on it.
Speaking to Zap2it during a summer TV press tour event, Durand says, “I go to go do three episodes.” However, he’s coy about whether or not that will be it for him on the series. “I had some great conversations with [creator] Michael [Hirst] that gave me a great idea, but I can’t really disclose it,” he says with a smile. 
Then again, he might be as in the dark about it as anyone else. “To be completely honest, even after all the stuff we shot, I don’t know where it’s going,” Durand says. “I think a lot of it’s left up to interpretation.” He would be “thrilled” to return to the show, though. After all, he’s actually a fan. “‘Vikings’ is one of three shows my wife and I watch,” he says.
Beyond that, he has an even deeper past with the History Channel, which airs the show.

“I was in a show called ‘Forever Plaid’,” Durand reveals. “I was like an off-Broadway performer and we actually sang for the opening night of the History Channel in Toronto. That was like 17 years ago.”

It will be full-circle for Durant when Season 3 of “Vikings” premieres on the History Channel in 2015.
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