michael hirst vikings season 3 gi 'Vikings' Season 3: Michael Hirst shares details on Ragnar's enemies

With the end of “Vikings” Season 2, it looks like there was finally going to be a reprieve for Ragnar Lothbrook. Jarl Borg was dead and, not long after, King Horik joined him. With those men out of the way, his deal for peace with King Ecbert of Wessex can happen with no push back from his fellow vikings.
Of course, nothing stays pleasant for long in Kattegat. After the “Vikings” panel Tuesday (May 13) at the TV Academy, Zap2it spoke with the show’s creator, writer and executive producer Michael Hirst about what opposition Ragnar will be facing in Season 3.
“It’s implicit in episode 2 of Season 2 that if he wanted to be, or if he’s always meant to be, King Ecbert will be a very formidable foe to Ragnar,” Hirst says. “He’s a similarly intelligent guy and a strategist. We have to see how that works out because at the moment it seems like they have the same agenda, but do they have the same agenda?”
It won’t just be trouble abroad Ragnar will come up against, though. “There’s going to be a new enemy on the home front,” Hirst reveals. “Inevitably, once you become king, you become a target and someone will emerge rather quickly that is going to be a significant potential enemy of Ragnar’s at home, threatening his kingdom.”

While the possibility of another viking rising to oppose Ragnar is an exciting thought, it’s all setting the table for the main course. “We’re building up to the big raid on Paris,” he says before adding, “It’s not just a raid. It’s also a siege.”
Hirst won’t spill much about the Paris invasion beyond that it will be a big step for the show. “Obviously then the King of France becomes a potentially important enemy,” he teases.

At this rate, Season 3 of “Vikings” is going to blow the previous two out of the water. Considering how great the first two seasons were, that will be a pretty impressive feat.
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