katheryn winnick vikings lagertha season 3 history 'Vikings' Season 3: See photos of Lagertha's new costumes

There’s still a long time before “Vikings” fans will get to lay their eyes on Season 3 of the History series. However, production on is close to beginning with most of the cast already over in Ireland preparing to return to their roles.
That includes Katheryn Winnick, who plays Lagertha in the series. Winnick is busy trying on all her new Season 3 costumes, but happens to be kind enough to show them off to fans on Instagram. The first look is a long gown that gives Lagertha a very regal vibe. With King Horik no longer among us, is there a throne in her future? Obviously, Ragnar would have something to say about that.

Just because she’s dressing nice doesn’t mean Lagertha won’t still fight, though. The second photo Winnick shares is of Lagertha’s new armor, consisting of lots of leather and chain mail. It’s stylish, but retains that mean look a warrior needs to intimidate their foes.

With the battles the vikings will be facing in Season 3, it should come as no surprise Lagertha has some vicious fights ahead of her. Now you know for certain she’ll look great during them.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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