vince vaughn queen latifah show delivery man gi Vince Vaughn on 'Delivery Man,' Santa Claus and interviewing Queen LatifahVince Vaughn technically was on “The Queen Latifah Show” to talk about his new film, “Delivery Man.” But he also spent a fair amount of time talking about Christmas, having kids and interviewing Queen Latifah.

He’s actually a very good interviewer — the audience learned almost as much about Latifah as they did about Vaughn.

As for “Delivery Man,” it sounds like Vaughn was most interested in the project because he is a father of young children himself. “The movie’s kind of about, as a parent, the hopes and fears you have for your kids,” the actor explained. “I think being a new dad definitely opened me up and made it very easy for me to tap into those feelings.”

Still, having some humor didn’t hurt. “It’s a very funny movie!” Vaughn insisted.

Because it’s the season for such things, Vaughn and Latifah spent some time talking about the upcoming holidays — Vince Vaughn is a big fan of both Thanksgiving and Christmas. He and the talk-show host got through some incoherent exclamations about stop-motion Christmas specials before moving on to the subject of Santa Claus.

How did Vince Vaughn learn the truth about Santa? It seems to have been a combination of mean neighbor kids and concerned older sisters. “I had some neighborhood kids tell me, and I kind of played along: ‘Yeah, I know …’ Because you want to be cool,” Vaughn explained. “But my sisters pulled me aside like it was a whole conspiracy.” Those sisters warned young Vince not to admit knowing anything about Santa Claus so as to keep Christmas presents flowing.

Posted by:Laurel Brown