rockford-files-movie-vince-vaughn-james-garner.jpgUniversal Pictures is developing a big-screen remake of “The Rockford Files,” with Vince Vaughn set to take the title role.

Vaughn will also be a producer on the project, which David Levien and Brian Koppelman (“Ocean’s Thirteen,” “Rounders”) will write, Deadline reports. Vaughn would step into the role of small-time private eye Jim Rockford, memorably played by James Garner in the 1974-80 TV series.

Universal sibling NBC tried its own “Rockford Files” remake a couple years ago, with Dermot Mulroney starring and “House” creator David Shore writing the script. It never got past the pilot stage, though.

The movie version was just given the go-ahead, so it’s not clear if it would be a straight remake set in the present, something that attempts to re-create the vibe of mid- to late-’70s Los Angeles or a “Brady Bunch”/”Three Stooges”-esque character-out-of-time hybrid. Inevitably, though, the project will be freighted with tons of comparisons between the easygoing character Garner played and Vaughn’s typically more live-wire persona.

Starting, we suppose, right now: What do you think of the idea of Vaughn playing Jim Rockford?

Posted by:Rick Porter