Episode 4 of “Virgin Territory” takes things out of the bedroom and into the party scene for a brief moment, when Luke — a virgin with chiseled abs and a limited vocabulary — takes his crush Madalynn to a rave.

Luke woos Madalynn with his smooth dance moves and glow sticks and seals the deal with a kiss. Sounds sort of romantic right — in a weird, neon kind of way. Well, awkward is more of a way to describe the exchange, since to get the kiss, he asked for it — ewww. Ok, there are worse things, but Luke just about blows everything when as he is going in for the smooch says, “Sweet deal.”

Like the typical man, Luke tells Madalynn he wants to take things slow and then can’t pull himself away from their virginal makeout sesh.

Will Luke be able to control himself? Will Madalynn be willing to wait?

Find out on “Virgin Territory” airing Wednesdays at 11 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins