katy-perry-roar-vmas-2013.jpgKaty Perry closed the 2013 Video Music Awards with the first live performance of her new single “Roar,” but the “live” part got a little bit lost.

MTV hyped Perry’s performance of her “biggest hit ever” (based on first-week digital sales) relentlessly during the show, and after the final award was handed out, the show cut to her set adjacent to the Brooklyn Bridge. Perry did the song in boxing gear from inside a ring, in keeping with “Roar’s” lyrics — but the end result didn’t pack an especially big punch.

Watching on TV, it appeared as though the sound mix was off. Perry was using a backing track — no surprise, as that’s pretty much standard operating procedure for performances like this one — but her microphone was clearly live as well, as she shouted to the crowd at several points during the song. The problem was the backing track overwhelmed the live vocals and sounded tinny compared to what we heard of Perry’s live voice.

It added up to a somewhat underwhelming moment, despite the staging and Perry’s committed performance.

What did you think of “Roar”? Did it live up to the hype?

Posted by:Rick Porter