vmas 2013 miley cyrus teddy bear costume gi VMAs 2013: Miley Cyrus takes off her clothes and enters our teddy bear themed nightmares

Why, Miley Cyrus, why?

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards are known for boundary-pushing and strange performances. But even that show couldn’t have been ready for what Miley Cyrus brought to the Brooklyn stage with the help of Robin Thicke and 2 Chainz.

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There were teddy bears (so many teddy bears …). Miley got naked (more or less).

Singing happened too, but seriously — was anyone paying any attention to that? How could they with the former Hannah Montana hip-thrusting and turning beloved childhood toys into nightmares?

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Seriously, you sometimes have to wonder if mind-altering substances are required for anyone hoping to perform at the VMAs.

How crazy was it? While words cannot appropriately express everything that seared our vision for a few minutes on a hot Sunday night in Brooklyn, the Zap2It office tried.

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Here is, completely unedited, the e-mail chain written by a group of seasoned pop-culture reporters during the Miley Cyrus performance:

  • “Words cannot express this, but I’ll try.”
  • “I bet Liam is so glad he dumped her right now.”
  • “What’s going on at the top of her thighs?”
  • “OMG.”
  • “That two-second shot of the row watching Miley in stunned disbelief.”
  • “It’s bad when someone out-cheeses Robin Thicke.”
  • “I need about three showers now.”
  • “This is on advertiser supported cable? Thank God it’s after 9.”

If Miley, Robin and 2 wanted to shock the audience, they did an amazing job and achieved success beyond their wildest nightmares dreams. Was it a good performance? It is honestly impossible to say. Miley Cyrus did, however, give us an appearance that will go down as one of the most memorable in MTV awards-show history.

Posted by:Laurel Brown